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Red Storm drops 38 in drive to "focus on multiplayer"


Ubisoft confirmed last night that 38 staff have been made redundant from Tom Clancy studio Red Storm Entertainment, as part of an effort to "focus on its core expertise" of "developing innovative multiplayer experiences."

As reported by Kotaku, Ubisoft said the layoffs at the North Carolina-based studio were due to "a realignment of production priorities".

"These team members have the opportunity to consider positions in other Ubisoft studios," a rep said in a statement.

It's unknown if the redundancies were the result of a product cancellation, but Ubi remained solid on the studio's position within the group.

"Red Storm remains an integral part of Ubisoft's worldwide production team and will continue to work on the multiplayer component of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier," said a rep.

Red Storm was founded by Tom Clancy and Doug Littlejohns, a British Navy Captain in 1996.

It's best known for the Rainbow Six games in the late 90s and Ghost Recon in 2001.

The developer employs over 130 staff. Total head-count is unknown after last night's reduction.

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