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Razer has an iPhone controller called Razer Kazuyo in the works - report

Razer may have a game controller for iPhone in the works, if a set of purported leaked images posted by evleaks are genuine.

Logitech has also released a controller for iPhone and this purported Razer controller looks rather similar to it and Moga’s Ace Power controller.

"Razer Kazuyo" like the others has the iPhone slotted into the middle, and it also contains the standard four action buttons and a directional pad. That's where the similarities end, though as there's also a pause button, power button and possibly a speaker - at least that is what it appears to be.

Instead of being expandable like Moga's, the phone can be tilted upward to provide a different view point.

If we're betting anything, and we're not mind you, we're going to assume this is legitimate as evleaks has been spot on with these iPhone controllers in the past.

Via The Verge.

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