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Ralph Baer, the father of video game consoles, has passed away

We've lost one of our most important pioneers today.


Ralph Baer, 92, has passed away. No further details are available at this time.

The news first broke as rumour and Twitter chatter but has since been verified by Gamasutra.

Baer developed the Brown Box - the very first video game console, later sold as the Magnavox Odyssey. The value of his contribution to the formation of the games industry cannot by overstated.

Not satisfied with inventing consoles, Baer kept inventing, producing the light gun - the very first video game peripheral - among other innovations. He even had a hand in the creation of Pong. He held over 150 patents in his time.

Baer has been recognised both in and outside of the games industry for his sterling work, including netting the 2008 Game Developers Choice Pioneer Award.

The PBS documentary below is a lovely little bit of insight into this great man's achievements.

Our condolences go out to Baer's family and friends; we've lost a hero today.

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