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Quick Quotes: Irrationals Ken Levine on the "biggest mistake" developers can make

"I think that if anyone is ever going to tell you where they think [the industry's] going to be 10 years from now, and if they exude confidence, that means they’re trying to sell you something. I think that the industry is changing so fast, the best we can hope for as a developer, is to try to keep your ear to the ground. And I think the most important thing you can do - I told a friend this recently - I said, 'Don’t mistake the present for the future.' I think that happens a lot with trends. Everybody’s like, 'Oh, social games. This is what the future is.' By the time there’s a gold rush, the gold is already gone, generally."

"So I’d be thrilled if I could figure out what’s going to happen six months, a year from now and try to stay on top of those trends and be flexible to be wrong, but I think that the biggest mistake people make is not in predicting the future, it’s thinking the present’s going to be the future. And I really try to avoid that." - Irrational's Ken Levine to IndustryGamers.

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