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Quick Quotes: Hayashi - There's not a "great need anytime soon" for next-gen consoles

"I think the only way to still see some potential come out of current-gen consoles is improvement in graphics. This will really depend on the skill of CG designers, but any further dramatic evolution in current consoles that could be plainly understood by the general gamer would be fairly difficult to achieve.... I don’t think there is a great need anytime soon for the next generation of consoles to advance the industry. I say this because I believe that gamers thirst for great content, which doesn’t necessarily rely on new console hardware as there are other options to produce a good console game experience. A good and captivating game is just that. As a an avid gamer I can still see myself playing on X360 and PS3 for a bit longer since there continues to be great new games. In order to advance the gaming industry into the future, performance on its own is not the key." - Yosuke Hayashi, Team Ninja leader to Industry Gamers.

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