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"Quality innovation at the core game level" must be EA's first priority - Wilson

Making better games must be the first thing EA focuses on, according to brand new CEO Andrew Wilson.

Speaking to the Wall Street JournalWilson said EA has three core categories through which to grow its business moving forward, but that one must be prioritised.

"Quality innovation at the core game level is the foundation for everything we do," Wilson said.

The other two categories are "the establishment of a service that extends and enhances that experience so that the experience is dynamic and ever changing as you play" and "the ability to connect gamers and fans with each other, connect their experience across platforms and connect them to a rich and broad pipeline of fantastic games and services is what will drive that ongoing engagement".

At this stage, Wilson seems to be very much committed to EA's recent approach to business.

"I don’t want to speak to the details, but here is what I will say: Cost management will feature prominently in how we operate each and every day," Wilson said, in line with the publisher;s comments to investors over the past few quarters.

That said, he's acknowledged that this is getting harder and harder.

"The reality is that big games are not as easy. Games are getting bigger, they are cross-platform, they’re live-service driven, and demands on games now are higher now than they’ve ever been in our history. At the same time, the level of immersion and engagement they offer is also higher," he said.

"We are working diligently to ensure we maintain operational excellence by putting the right people in place. We are working to fail as fast as possible, and listening to our consumers every step of the way to ensure we are delivering on what they expect from us."

Thanks, GamesIndustry.

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