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Pure boss: Colour difference between 360 and PS3 is comparable to a "good LCD from a Plasma"

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Speaking to VG247 today, Pure director Jason Avent said that the differences between PS3 and 360 were comparable to the differences between LCD and Plasma TVs.

"Their final render hardware seems to produce slightly different results in terms of how colours are represented and one is often softer than the other but it's really only as different as a good LCD TV is from a Plasma," said the developer.

Avent said working on PS3 with Pure had presented a "new challenge," but that 360 and PS3 were much of a muchness in the right hands.

"We've been working on Xbox 360 for years now, so PS3 was a new challenge, yes," he said.

"MotoGP 06 and 07 led on 360, but we were already developing PS3 versions of our technologies before we started Pure, so it wasn't very far behind.

"They're both great machines and if you do things right, there isn't much difference between them in terms of capability."

ATV racer Pure's already catching critical acclaim, and releases later this month.

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