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Which publishers had the coolest booth toys at E3 2014?

A portable Xbox One, loads of Batmen and a slobbery monster. Who tarted up their E3 booths with the coolest stuff?

There were some incredibly big games at E3 this year. The triple-A console business is in rude health. But it wasn't just video games that screamed for our attention. Where we used to ogle booth babes we now ogle toys, displays, models and the booth itself for being a work of art.

These are the ones that stood out in a sea of neckbeards, promotional t-shirts and chubby games journalists.


We navigated the West Hall of the L.A. Convention Center by using Evolve's giant monster. Up close the detail included realistic jaw-slobber. Nice.


The World of Tanks booth was the only one pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a booth babe. We didn't photograph the girls because we're not sex pests, but we did like the audacity of hanging a whole tank from the ceiling.


And outside World of Tanks crushed a yellow taxi. Like some kind of statement on the Uber strikes.


This Batfigure was behind closed doors at Warner's booth. Look at the bold simplicity of it. Now we know what Catwoman sees in him.


Look at that. The white limited edition PlayStation 4. A thing of beauty.


Some dude from Borderlands The Presequel. We were booked in to play this but our session with Evolve ran over and we were having too much fun. Sorry, 2K.


Snake at the Konami booth. What a hotty. Look at the detail in that. That's got to be worth a couple of hundred dollars of anyone's cash.


EA's booth had Battlefield Hardline vehicles plonked in the middle of it like a carpark. Look closely and you'll see the gun barrels popping out the slots.


Don't pretend your heart doesn't skip a beat when you see Sonic and chums even though his games have been s**t for years. Look! It's Sonic! Let's remember the good times we had together.

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Holy moly! A portable Xbox One in a carry case with it's own little screen for playing Call of Duty. These were on the Turtle Beach stand and we were thinking desperately how to steal one.


It's that character from Battlecry who looks like David Beckham with a moustache. And the other one with the big-ass sword.


It's the Tyrant thingy from Resident Evil! Argh!


The Batmobile! So big I couldn't get a photo without some other chump standing in the way.


It's that Robin from that Batman and Robin but this is better because Lego makes everything better.


We got told off by security for stepping on the beige carpet to take this Destiny photo. It was like getting bollocked by my gran for going in her house with shoes on.


A big ol' S.W.A.T. truck. This is what you get now hotpants have been outlawed. "I like big trucks and I cannot lie…"


Don't know what that old piece of crap is.

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