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Silent Hill horror demo PT recreated in Dreams beta on PS4

P.T. has been created once more, this time in Media Molecule's PS4 exclusive creation suite, Dreams.

Twitter user @sergeantbike shared a clip of P.T. recreated in Dreams, which was apparently created by @LewisConner13, and it looks fantastic.

The clip does appear to have broken Media Molecule's NDA, with the game's designer Christophe Villedieu saying as much in a tweet that praised the creation but politely asked that it be removed "for now".

The clip's creator popped into the thread to clarify that they didn't share the video, and ended up getting some pointers from Villedieu.

"It’s awesome," Villedieu tweeted, before sharing some tips on improving the floor and advising the creator to make it their own thing.

"There is no shame remaking," he added. "Greatness is what you do from it!"

The Dreams beta is currently in progress and will run up until February 4. Players' creations will carry over to the final game, but progress will not.

Dreams is a PS4 exclusive and is set to release later this year.

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