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PSP-3000 to ship with Firmware 4.20

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Eurogamer's posted up a hands-on with PSP-3000, confirming the new version of Sony's handheld will ship with Firmware 4.20. Apparently:

the new 4.20 firmware on the PSP-3000 reveals a "USB Auto-Connect" option, which promises to automatically switch the handheld to USB mode when a cable is connected. It will do this from anywhere on the XMB, but it won't interrupt gameplay. Nor does the PSP charge from USB during gameplay, although - as of the original Slim & Lite revision - it will do so while in USB mode.

Finally for this instalment of Firmware Detectives, we uncovered a "Flicker reduction" toggle under the "Connected display" settings menu. The new-model PSP also allows you to play games on a TV by hooking it up with a special adapter (sold separately) and a composite cable, whereas the old one would only allow composite cables to display video, with gaming reserved for component output.

More through there.

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