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PSA: Videogames are being used by Satan to claim your soul


Be warned naive and innocent gamers - Satan wants your soul so very badly, that he is using videogames and the publishers who release them to tighten his grip on your life force.

Mwha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

That's according to the author of an article in the Philadelphia family paper The Bulletin, which claims videogames are aimed at destroying Christian values.

Called "Buyer Beware: Satanic-Themed Video Games Concern Parents", the article's intent is to warn parents about "the rise in the number of satanically-themed video games that target God and Christianity, invite players to make pacts with the devil, and elevate Satan to hero status".

Speaking with 32-year old Lance Christian, the self-described "avid gamer" believes that the "problem" has been going on for about 10-years now, and has become almost common place with games that have recently been released.

"I feel that the devil has a new tool to work with in this age of technology, and the majority of adults in a position of responsibility are left in the dark," he told the paper citing the following examples"

  • Tecmo’s Deception: Invitation To Darkness–Players “make an unholy pact and sell their soul to Satan in exchange for power” with the object of the game being to ensure the resurrection of Satan and obtain his power.
  • Nocturne—A game in which the hero (a demon) destroys the three Archangels St. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, then goes on to destroy God.
  • Shadow Hearts—The hero uses his power to intercept and destroy God and “save the world.”
  • Dragon Age: Origins—The game revolves around the story of God going mad and cursing the world. A witch attacks believers and players can “have sex” with her in a pagan act called “blood magic” so she can “give birth to a god.” Another scenario allows players to have sex with a demon in exchange for a boy’s soul.

Other offenders in his eyes included include Dante’s Inferno, Guitar Hero, Devil Summoner, Koudelka, Trapt, Bayonetta, and Darksiders.

The article also implies that publishers are "cashing in on the satanic, anti-Catholic and general anti-religion content themes" and use these as a "draw for buyers".

Toward the end of the article, it even calls out the ESRB for not mentioning the "overt satanic content of the games" it rates.

Jesus Facepalm Christ.

Maybe after playing games like this, one should go to confession or perform a bit of corporal mortification by taking a flagellum to oneself afterward.

Thanks, GamePolictics.

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