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PS4's price shows Sony is serious about next-gen, says Level-5 boss

PlayStation 4's £349 / $399 price-tag shows that Sony is serious about the next-gen cycle, according to Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino.

Level-5 is rumoured to be working on a PS4-exclusive title as you read this, so it's little wonder Hino is backing Sony's console going into next-gen.

Speaking with Famitsu, Hino said Sony's PS4 pricing was, "the number-one surprise of E3," and added, "I think anyone can look at that and think this is cheap! Putting cutting-edge PC specs into a game machine that costs just a few hundred dollars really brings across how serious SCE is about this generation."

Comparatively, Xbox One will run you $499 / £429 at launch, and this economist has said it's simply too high.

What do you think of Sony and Microsoft's pricing? Let us know below.

Thanks Polygon.

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