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PS4 system architect Mark Cerny is working on a new game

Legendary developer and PlayStation 4 system architect Mark Cerny is working on a new indie game for the system, and has talked a little bit about it last week at Develop.

Speaking to Eurogamer at Develop, Mark Cerny told the site that the game is fully funded, but offered no name or date for it, unfortunately.

"I have a few projects. I'm getting sort of an indie title going - it's not really indie because it'll be fully funded. But it'll be nice to be on a project where I know the name of everybody on it, as opposed to one of these largest triple-A titles that staffs hundreds. It's a very different experience. Also you get to try more concept-based work because it's smaller. That should be very exciting," he said.

Cerny did confirm that the game will be developed for PS4 and that he has a genre in mind for it.

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