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PS4 pre-orders top 1.5 million, Pachter claims

Industry analyst Michael Pachter has heard that PlayStation 4 pre-orders have passed another significant milestone.

Pachter mentioned his gossip gleanings in an episode of Bonus Round as transcribed by GamesThirst.

"The only thing they’re gonna have a problem with is supply disruption. That million preorders they talked about, which I understand now is up to one and a half million, that’s a lot of consoles," he said.

"That tells you that there’s not going to be a lot of boxes behind the first million and a half, so there’s going to be supply shortages.”

Pachter also said Sony's strategy so far has been "pretty flawless" and that the PS4 sounds like it has "value for cost".

At gamescom 2013 in August, Sony announced PS4 pre-orders had topped 1 million - well ahead of the PS2 and PS3. That was before its November launch date was locked down, so things have probably accelerated since then. Rumour has it stock will be low for up to four months post-launch, although Sony has said it's being responsible with pre-orders and stock management in the hopes of avoiding stock issues like those the PS3 suffered.

Thanks, monu-mental.

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