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PS3 has "radical functionality," says Maguire

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Speaking to GI, SCE UK boss Ray Maguire has said PlayStation 3 has "radical" functionality. So much so, in fact, that Sony spannered its initial marketing for the machine by focusing on other stuff rather than, you know, games.

"When we first started - because all the functionality was radical - we talked about that functionality," he said. "And in doing that, maybe we weren't strong enough on the games side of it.

"Now, with the strength of the games we've got coming out, this Christmas we're definitely about the games. From our own first party, and also third party, there's a feast of games for PS3 this year."

Don't worry about all the radicalness being lost on PS3 owners, though. No sir. People are just starting to "understand" it, said the exec.

"At the same time though, because we've been out for a couple of years now, people are starting to understand and discover the functionality of things like PlayTV, and that's created the desire for people to upgrade to larger hard disk sizes. I just recently put a 320GB drive in mine.

"I think people are starting to come to grips with that, but what's probably lesser known is the relationship between PS3 and PSP and the Remote Play functionality. Those are the things we have to work a little bit harder on - the GPS functionality, the camera functionality - all of those elements which of course give us content to sit on the PS3."

There's a full interview through there.

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