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PS Vita TV will take "different road to market" in the west, says House

PS Vita TV is already out in Japan and is said to be enjoying modest sales. PlayStation's European boss Andrew House has stressed that the device is still coming to the west, but that it'll take a "different road to market."

It follows PlayStation 4's record-setting sales here in the UK. The console smashed Sony's previous record, set by the PSP in 2005. PS4 is now the nation's fastest-selling console to date.

The PS Vita TV box costs around $99 and allows gamers to play Vita cartridges and PSN content on their TV using a DualShock 3 controller.

Now, House has discussed Sony's approach to PS Vita TV in the west with Eurogamer. He commented, "The positioning of Vita TV may be different between Japan and some of the other markets."

"This may sound slightly counter-intuitive," he added, "but we wanted to launch in Japan first because I feel there really hasn't been a critical driver or device that's driven the adoption of streaming content overall. It's still very much in a nascent stage in Japan compared to some of the markets in Europe or the US.

"We felt there was therefore an opportunity to leverage the strengths of PlayStation Vita, which as you know is quite strong in Japan in terms of game line-up, but combine that with the features of a media streaming box, and offer something packaged newly for the Japanese consumer and possibly be at the forefront of creating a new market via that device."

What's your take on PS Vita TV? Is it a neat idea? Let us know what you think below.

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