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PS Vita class action settlement now offering cash, PSN vouchers, and free games

If you bought a PlayStation Vita before June 2012 in the United States, there's some good news for you.


The class action lawsuit that was brought forth by the Federal Trade Commission regarding Sony's false advertising about the capabilities of the PlayStation Vita has reached the point by which claimants can receive the settlement offers.

The FTC had ruled in November of 2014 against Sony in that suit. Sony then agreed to settle the changes by promising $25 cash or credit refund, or a $50 PlayStation Store voucher to claimants.

Members of the suit received emails pointing them towards this website. Not everyone received an email though, so just check the site if you believe you are eligible. The site has a form that you'll need to fill and mail to a physical address.

There are three available offers: a $25 check, $25 in PlayStation Store credit, or one of three PS3 and Vita game bundles.

  • The action adventure bundle: God of War Collection (PS3), Beyond: Two Souls (PS3), Twisted Metal (PS3), and Unit 13 (Vita)
  • The family friendly bundle: LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3), Puppeteer (PS3), Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Vita), and ModNation Racers: Road Trip (Vita)
  • The variety pack: God of War Collection (PS3), LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3), ModNation Racers: Road Trip (Vita), and Unit 13 (Vita)

By accepting any of these offers, you are waiving your right to a future claim against Sony in connection with this case. The page did not specify a date for when the rewards will be delivered.

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