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Pro League of Legends player quits spectacularly with 18-page essay criticising his team

League of Legends pro Austin "LiNk" Shin has quit, which might not be so big of a deal if he hadn't written an entire thesis on why his teammates sucked.

Austin Shin

Shin covered the ins-and-outs of his reasons for leaving and his experiences during his 3-year career over the course of 18 pages. Who knew he was a Friends fan?

He talks about his time playing while in school, running away from home, changes in team members and the drama that unfolded between the players.

He ends by breaking down each member, covering what he believes to be their strenghts and weaknesses, describing himself "'captain' despite not being the 'captain' of the team." going on to say "Another big problem was that I was in a position of power yet I didn’t have full trust from my team."

Before dropping the mic and sauntering out of the game forever, he closes with the following:

"so reasons for leaving:
-don’t know if i can give it my 150% next split
-too much work and burden on me and I doubt it’s going to get better
-only wanted to play 1 more split minimum and compete and do well at worlds (ideally win)

^ me being greedy and I recognize a team just doesn’t magically come together and win worlds

-i was promised change and there wasn’t going to be any so well me leaving is pretty much the drastic change. ( a coach doesn’t magically solve all problems i think )

I’m pretty much done with league. Cause NA is terrible and League of Legends is devolving into a game that I don’t even recognize anymore. No one even plays it properly lmao"

Austin is going back to school now that his pro career is over and we wish him the best.

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