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Price: Games evolving faster than other media

It's an exciting time to be in games, according to Insomniac boss Ted Price.

"Games in general are probably evolving faster than any other entertainment medium in the past 50 years," the founder and CEO told Gamespot.

"What's really exciting is that for the past couple decades, the evolution was moving at a pretty steady pace, but in the past two years it has accelerated. And that's brought tremendous opportunities for developers of all types."

Clarifying, Price said the casual market has existed for years, but its sudden popularity has turned it into "viable business opportunities", but that the market is yet to be locked down.

"Most of us are trying to figure out exactly where we want to focus in terms of making our mark in social games, because there is so much experimentation happening every day, and there is no right way to do it," he continued.

"That's what is exciting about it."

Insomniac, developer of Ratchet and Clank and Resistance, recently launched a third team - Insomniac Click - to focus on the social and casual space.


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