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Pre-orders for iPhone 4S top one million in 24 hours.

Even though the Apple faithful were a tad disappointed that it wasn't the iPhone 5 that was unveiled last week, they still snapped up the iPhone 4S at a record pace. We previously reported that provider AT&T had announced they hit 200,000 pre-orders in just twelve hours, and it seems like they weren't the only ones who had success selling iPhones on Friday.

This volume of pre-orders is the
highest number that any iPhone has yet achieved according to Apple. The 4S will be shipping on a first-ordered-first-served basis starting on October 14 in the UK, United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, France, and Germany.

Customers are being notified that due to the extreme volume of pre-orders, their iPhone may take 2-3 weeks to arrive. Previously, listings had offered launch day delivery.

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