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PR firm offering "Kickstarter Service" to fledgling studios

Kickstarter can be a bit of a minefield for developers if they don't orchestrate their campaign properly, or push out a naff product. San Francisco PR team Indie Developer Consulting has created a package that can help studios get the most out of their crowd-funding efforts.

It's not a free service however, although prices haven't been made public as-yet. Some may argue that the money would be better spent on the campaign itself, but read the list of package features below and judge for yourself.

  • IDC helps you with copywriting of text, pictures and incentives on your KickStarter project page.
  • IDC writes, and sends out, an unlimited number of press releases during your campaign to the worldwide press to promote all updates on your project page, and to generate traffic and pledges for you.
  • IDC contacts VIP press worldwide to get you exclusive developer interviews and special attention by press to hit the front-page news to generate traffic to your campaign websites, and other game-related websites you may have.
  • IDC are available to you 7 days a week by phone, Skype and Email to consult and advise you on how to become successful in your campaign.
  • IDC are available to you 7 days a week during the entire campaign to answer any questions you may have concerning your Business, PR, and Marketing needs
  • IDC always provide you with their honest opinion about your chances of success, the quality of your project, and consults you on your studios short-term and long-term plans in the industry based on your existing portfolio and active campaign.

So what do you think? Is this a potentially invaluable service for developers trying to make a name for themselves on Kickstarter, or is it unnecessary spending? Let us know below.

You can check out the Indie Developer Consulting site here.

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