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Pokken Tournament has a secret LAN mode

Pokken Tournament doesn't have to involve a massive frame rate dip.


Pokken Tournament could well make a splash on competitive fighting circles, but there's one major problem: when two players battle it out locally, the frame rate drops from 60 FPS to 30 FPS to allow different perspectives to be fed to the Game Pad and TV.

Serebii reports there's a way around this: hook up two Wii Us for a LAN battle. The reason this feature has gone under the radar is that you can't just switch it on from the options menu; you need to hold down L, R and down on the D-Pad and then press start to activate it.

The hidden mode only works if both players use exactly the same settings, but while LAN Battle is activated all playable and support Pokemon are available for play, which is a nice touch.

You can still play on the Game Pad if you don't have a second TV handy, but you will need two Wii U consoles and two copies of the game. If you want to use LAN cables rather than your local wireless network, you'll also need Wii U LAN adapters.

Hit the link above for more information on how to set up LAN Battle mode.

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