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PlayStation Vita UMD Passport list published, major publishers AWOL

Capcom, Namco Bandai, Konami and Square Enix are yet to indicate their participation in the Vita's UMD Passport scheme, which assists players in porting their PSP collection to the new hardware.

Sony has published a list of 262 games which will be included in the scheme.

Siliconera reports the list representes less than one third of the 606 PSP titles available on the Japanese PlayStation Network.

Atlus, Nippon Ichi, Acquire, Tecmo Koei, SNK Playmore, and Cyberfront have all opted into the scheme, but other publishers are apparently yet to commit.

The Passport scheme has players register their UMD copy of a game, after which they'll be able to purchase a digital copy of the same game at a lower price - ranging from ¥500 ($6.40) to ¥1500 ($19.20). Other territories are yet to announce similar support.

Recent changes to the company's multiple-device rules mean it's not clear whether Sony will handle allow Vita owners to download digital games purchased and activated on PSPs to their new hardware,

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