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PlayStation division sees ¥35 billion profit, PS3 hardware at 14 million for FY

The PlayStation division at Sony has seen a ¥35 billion profit for its 2010 Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2011, with PS3 sales for the year up by 1.3 million units.

Operating profit was at ¥35.6 billion (£266.9 million/$435.3 million), but sales got only a slight increase at ¥1,572 billion (£11.7 billion/$19.2 billion).

In hardware sales, PS3 hit 14.3 million units for FY2010, up 1.3 million from the previous year. PSP sales were down at 8 million, down 1.9 million and sales of PS2 were at 6.4 million units, down by 1.1 million.

Sony's forcasted that PS3 hardware will sell within the region of 15 million in FY11, with PSP expected to hit 6 million and PS2 at 4 million.

For software, PS3 got a big boost at 147.9 million, up from 115.6 million in FY10, with PSP sales also going up at 46.6 million from 44.4 million. PS2 was down, though, at 16.4 million units from 35.7 million units.

In term of its FY11 forecast, it's sticking with what it predicted for FY10.

The external intrusion of PlayStation Network back in April, which seen the personal data of 77 million PSN users compromised, was not factored into the FY10 financials, but Sony warned earlier this week that the cost of it in FY11 will be within the region of £106 million.

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