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PlayStation 4 set to launch December 17 in Korea, priced at ₩498,000

According to Japanese news agency Yonhap, the PlayStation 4 now has an official Korean launch date of December 17. The unit will be priced at ₩498,000, which translates to roughly $500 US. If Google Translate is at all a reliable service, there will be 19 launch titles, of which five will be fully localised into Korean.

At Tokyo Game Show, Sony announced in one sentence that the PlayStation 4 would launch in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea before it launched in Japan in Febuary, so perhaps those other regions will share Korea's December 17 date.

Although we don't have confirmation of any kind, presumably the price listed does not include the PS Eye camera.

Thanks, Yonhap News via NeoGAF.

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