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Planet Crashers, Kirby’s Pinball Land arrive on eShop July 26 in Europe

Planet Crashers will release via the 3DS eShop on July 26 for £9.99, just in time for the 3DS Xl on July 28 in Europe.

The action-adventure RPG tasks players with preventing an unknown evil from snuffing out the sun.

Players will explore an "extensive universe, battle in dungeons to advance to nearby planets, and also fully customize," their own character ensuring that two heroes are the same.

Also coming to Nintendo 3DS is the classic Game Boy title Kirby’s Pinball Land where you must help Kirby to defeat King Dedede. It will run you £2.70.

Four more Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy tracks will be available for 90p each as well, and DSiWare users can download Candle Route for £1.80 along with Horizon Riders on WiiWare for £5.60.

A video for the update is below.

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