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Peter Moore: Iwata brought out the Wii controller and we said, "What the hell is that?"

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More completely frankness from the Moore. This time, he's admitted that he and Robbie Bach were baffled by Wii's controller, but knew Nintendo would come back despite GameCube's death.

"I was in Tokyo when Iwata-san brought the controller out and said, 'here it is!' and we were all going, 'what the hell is that?''. I was with Robbie and I remember going 'I don't know… it's different'. But we knew that they were too good a company to lose twice in a row," he said.

"But even then it was all about Sony, it was not about Nintendo, because they were so down and out – it's very difficult to think now, it was four years ago. You just couldn't picture that four or five years ago. GameCube was just… dying. The Revolution as it was called, we knew it couldn't be anything powerful. It was in the days when Sony and ourselves were saying it's all about hi-def, it's all about 5.1 sound, it's all about 1080i, and they said it's about a GameCube 1.5 and you're going to wave this stick around and have a lot of fun."

Moore was speaking in the fourth part of an ongoing Guardian interview. Go read it.

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