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Perry would prefer Sony "focus on gaming" with its consoles

David Perry has said it's fine if consoles can provide entertainment other than game to folks in their living rooms, but now that Sony has purchased his company Gaikai, Perry said he plans to push for a more core-focused console.

Speaking during a session at Develop 2012, Perry said he doesn't think consoles will be called consoles for much longer.

"I've been saying for a long time - and this is not my opinion post-Sony, this is my opinion period - is I don't think the consoles are going to be called consoles any more," he said.

"There have been little signs of it coming. You probably saw in the last generation of advertising, Sony's was, 'it only does everything,' they're turning into media hubs. You can see Microsoft has been doing the same. They did a deal with Comcast to put Comcast content and Netflix and everything else, and they're very proud of the fact. And you saw at E3 their big presentation talked a lot about other stuff.

"So, ultimately consoles are making a play for the living room and their competition is becoming Tivo and all the other media hubs - everything that's trying to plug into a TV."

"I now work for Sony, [but] I can tell you my take on it is I much prefer to focus on gaming. You need to hit it out of the park on gaming. If it does other stuff that's cool. But the core is what it's all about.

"So my focus would be, it's just got to make the most badass games possible. That's certainly what my push will be inside the company. If it does other things I get it. That's cool. But it's not the core of the device."

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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