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Perception is a new first-person horror game from former BioShock developers

The Deep End Games has announced a first-person horror game titled Perception in which players take on the role of a blind woman named Cassie.

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The studio is made up of former BioShock developers led by 12-year Irrational veteran Bill Gardner.

According to Eurogamer, the main character has visions of a mansion located in New England which upon further research, turns out to be an abandoned estate in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The haunted domicile is located on Echo Bluff, a remote peninsula overlooking the Atlantic. Cassie will use echolocation to "see" inside the mansion by tapping her cane on the floor; however, the caveat is the sound created in order for her to see runs the risk of garnering the attention of "the Presence."

During her investigation, as Cassie acquire evidence using her cell phone, she will also be whisked back in time to different points in the mansion's history. This will aid her unravel the mystery surrounding the evil inherent in each generation of the mansion's inhabitants.

A Kickstarter for Perception has been launched and the team is seeking $150,000.

Perception is slated for a 2016 launch on Steam with console versions possible depending on the budget. Various stretch goals include additional modes and VR support.

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