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PEGI: "Parents should take responsibility" - Livingstone

PEGI becomes UK law today, making it illegal for retailers to sell mature age-rated games to children below 12. Eidos life president Ian Livingstone has stressed that it is the parents responsibility to make the law stick. Full quotes after the break.

In an interview with Sky News, Livingstone discussed the impact PEGI will have on the UK games industry, stressing that the regulations had been, "Driven by the games industry," and made clear that PEGI, "Hasn't been forced upon them."

Livingstone also calls on parents to remain vigilant when buying games for their children, "You should take responsibility as a parent, and as a guardian."

"These are simply a guideline," Livingstone continued, "as most of the content you see today is also online", underlining the need for parents to carefully monitor what their children see.

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