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PC indies need Steam to survive, says Escape Goat developer

Steam is an essential cog in the survival of indies, according to Escape Goat developer Ian Stocker. Studio Magical Time Bean launched the game on Valve's marketplace yesterday, almost a year after it was approved on Steam Greenlight.

Speaking with Polygon, Stocker said, "To survive as a PC indie dev, you really have to have your games on Steam. There are exceptions to this, like Minecraft, but statistically speaking, you're going to need to be on Steam to make a living.

"Before PAX, and the whole Greenlight thing came through for me, I had just about given up on being a PC-centered developer, and planned to put all my efforts towards consoles. It was encouraging to see Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo suddenly become so indie-friendly, with self publishing on their new consoles and stuff like that."

Stocker is now working on Escape Goat 2 - which is also on Steam Greenlight now - and you can get the first game on Steam at 20% off now.


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