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Patent suit over Nintendo handhelds dismissed by federal judge

Nintendo has won a patent case dismissal brought against it by "patent-assertion company" Quintal Research Group.

Federal court judge Saundra Armstrong dismissed the case as findings proved eight of the firms systems ranging from 3DS, DSi, DS and Game Boy Advance platforms, did not infringe a patent filed by products represented by Quintal Research Group.

"We are very pleased to have this case dismissed,” said Devon Pritchard, Nintendo of America’s general counsel and SVP of business affairs.

“The result in this case continues to prove that Nintendo will vigorously defend its innovations against patent lawsuits and will not pay to settle cases simply to avoid litigation."

Pritchard went on to say the company supports current patent reform efforts which will less burden cases being brought against companies.

This isn't the first time Nintendo has won a case against a "patent troll." A suit filed in 2009 by Texas firm Wall Wireless LLC claimed Nintendo infringed on a wireless communication patent with its DS and DSi handheld consoles. The case was dismissed in 2014.

Another lawsuit was filed against Nintendo and other companies in 2014 by Secure Axcess, LLC.

The patent holding firm claimed a patent issued on February 18, 2003 for “a computer providing multiple display capability where one display presents the current document and another display may show a true display of a previously opened document,” was infringed upon, particularly with Wii U.

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