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Ouya developers deny seeking venture capitalist funding alongside Kickstarter campaign

The developers behind Ouya have denied the firm is seeking venture capitalist funding alongside its Kickstarter campaign.

Founder Julie Uhrman said in an interview with Develop the company was “looking for additional funds of money but wanted to take it to Kickstarter regardless." The comments were since denied in another interview, along with a statement to MCV trying to clarify the remark.

"Let me be clear, Ouya is not seeking additional funding outside of Kickstarter,” read the statement. “Our priority now is to continue to focus on building a great game console while engaging in our ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

"Our intent in going to Kickstarter was to raise money that would take us from functional prototype to product on the market. With respect to our funding, we have been candid in disclosing an early round raised through friends and family that included backing from investors like Digg founder Jay Adelson, Flixster founder Joe Greenstein, and Jawbone founder Hosain Rahman.

"We do not intend to engage in any conversations related to funding while we are on Kickstarter. And, it's not like we are going to start speed dialing VCs as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends. Once our Kickstarter campaign closes funding our priority will be getting Ouya to market, and delivering the best game experience possible. Fundraising will not be top of the list.

"Unfortunately, I think this rumor sprung from a misunderstood answer during an interview and we are trying to contact the reporter to clarify."

The interview in question, according to MCV, has the PR rep stating the Uhrman should tell the reporter "about your conversations with venture capitalists", which MCV said could have occurred before the Kickstarter campaign commenced.

As of this post, the Kickstarter for the console has raised $4,982,395.

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