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Ouch: Vita memory card pricing revealed

Now that the dust is settling after an uber-successful Tokyo Game Show, some of the shine is starting to come off of the things we've been promised. The PlayStation Vita - undeniably the star of the show - has a few faults that have risen to the surface. While battery life's already been addressed, we're now learning that the handheld's memory cards are not going to be cheap.

When designing the PlayStation Vita, Sony chose to include - or leave out - certain features apparently based largely on production costs. One casualty was on-board memory, with the company keeping that to a minimum and forcing gamers to rely on extra memory cards when it comes to storing games and other fun things. As the Vita is a Sony product, these memory cards are proprietary, and you're forced to buy specific Sony-branded merchandise.

This, of course, is where the company will make up its money.

According to a new press release, there are four different memory card sizes due for release in Japan alongside the Vita in December, and you can expect to pay a premium for your megabytes.

The 4GB model is 2,200yen (approximately $29), 8GB 3,200yen ($42), 16GB 5,500yen ($72), and if you want to go the whole hog, a 32GB style will set you back 9,500yen ($124). Fingers crossed that by the time the handheld escapes Japan it will have received a price adjustment, but from the get-go, those are a little steep (particularly for holding the all-downloadable game library we've been promised!).

Technically, you're not chained to the Sony brand. Third-party manufcturers will be churning out cheap cards at a much lower price point any day now, but the choice is on your head. These unofficial cards are not guaranteed to work consistently, and losing your save game might be worth more to you than forking out the extra bucks at the beginning.

For more pricing and accessory details, check out the official press release and start saving your pennies.

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