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October UDK beta adds iOS Facebook support

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Epic Games has updated its Unreal Development Kit - UDK - to include iOS Facebook functionality and tools for creating more attractive foliage and landscapes, so there's no excuse for ugly trees in your creations.

A smattering of basic iOS Facebook features have been added to the Unreal Dev Kit. In full, they are: support for creating wall posts, friends list download support and the ability to request additional permissions from a user.

Outside of the iOS Facebook features, new UDK tools include a number of foliage settings that can now be painted on, such as slope alignment and general density. Landscape options and Unreal editor improvements have also been enhanced.

Full release notes for the UDK update can be found on Epic's website.

The release notes also contain details of the current and next Unreal University sessions that offer professional guidance to those using the Unreal Engine 3. The current session will take place today and tomorrow at the Montreal International Game Summit, with another running from November 30 to December 3 at the Dubai World Game Expo. Both sessions will be streamed live, check Epic's site for details.

The UDK is a set of free development tools that can be used to make commercial releases, Epic takes a cut of royalties if a game generates more than $50,000 in revenue.

Thanks, Shacknews.

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