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Obsidian's new RPG Tyranny debuts at E3

Take a look at Obsidian's new RPG Tyranny

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Obsidian's new RPG Tyranny debuts at E3

Sometimes, evil wins. That's the tagline for Obsidian's upcoming RPG Tyranny, and it rather succinctly sums up the landscape of the world we'll be stepping into.

Set in the aftermath of an epic war between good and evil, Kyros the Overlord has triumphed, and if his name didn't tip you off, he's firmly rooted on the side of evil.

Your role is that of a Fatebinder, and it's your job to swan about passing judgement on the denizens of the land.

Tyranny was announced in March with the idea to turn one of the typical RPG tropes on its head.

"A lot of RPGs start you out as the weak or inexperienced character who becomes more important and influential over time. This parallels how your character grows in strength and power as they gain levels, so it’s a structure that works well for RPGs," wrote project director Brian Heins in a developer update.

"For Tyranny, we wanted to play with that concept. Does the player need to start off weak in order to feel more powerful later in the game? We decided to make the player important from the very beginning of the game, from the very first interaction with an NPC."

He went on to explain how the whole 'being an adjudicator of evil' concept will pan out, saying, " I am disappointed when I play games where the 'evil' choice requires me to act like a psychopath, murdering everyone in front of me. Sometimes that’s fun, but it’s very limiting when it’s the only option. Especially when the game punishes me for making those decisions.

"With Tyranny we wanted to create a more nuanced evil. One where the choices players make aren’t so obviously black and white. We wanted to make a game where players were free to take the evil path as far as they want to go, and feel powerful and rewarded for it. Ultimately, RPGs are about the choices players make. [Our goal is to make] Tyranny a highly reactive game that you can play multiple times. Each time seeing how the world changes as you make different choices."

It sounds like it'll be huge amounts of fun.

You can keep an eye on updates over on Obsidian's dev blog.

Tyranny is coming to PC later this year.

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