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Obsidian working on "leading animation franchise"

Fallout: New Vegas and Dungeon Siege III developer Obsidian Entertainment has an unrevealed title in the works.

The news comes courtesy of a DDM presentation, which puts Obsidian down as "currently developing [an] unannounced project for [a] leading animation franchise".

DDM, which hooks developers up with publishers among other services, also lists two other unannounced projects for other studios. Need for Speed: Shift developer Slightly Mad Studios and Triumph Studios, the Dutch developer behind Overlord 2, are both listed as having unrevealed titles on their plates.

These secret titles may be in parallel development with known projects; Slightly Mad is working on the crowd-sourced CARS, while Obsidian is apparently developing an adaptation of Robert Jordan's fantasy epic, Wheel of Time.

Thanks, GameInformer.

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