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Nvidia ShadowPlay now supports multi-track audio recording in GeForce Experience

ShadowPlay, the built-in recording software in the GeForce Experience app finally has one of the most requested features.

This being multi-track audio, which has now rolled out to everyone using GeForce Experience. The feature first debuted in beta back in July, and it does exactly what you think it would.

Multi-track support means all your game recordings will end up with two audio tracks. Typically, one of the two would be reserved only for gameplay while the other carries voice chat. When these clips are then exported into a video editor, you'll be able to mess around with them as you see fit.

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You're also able to adjust the volume of each track independently though ShadowPlay, though this obviously has to be done before you record.

This is great for when you want to cut out voice chat from one clip without affecting the sound of the game. ShadowPlay is, of course, only available through GeForce Experience, which you can download from here.

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