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Nintendo TVii launch heralds first ever "Reggie Asks"

Nintendo TVii has launched in North America, which is extremely interesting and important, but oh my gosh Reggie Asks.

TVii doesn't require a download to activate; just select the icon from the main menu, or visit the Home Menu. TVii brings together all of the console's streaming video services into one application, making it easy to browse, view and plan around the whole offering. Well, actually, that's the idea, but in its current form, it lacks both TiVo and Netflix. Both are due in early 2013.

Now the real news: to celebrate the launch of the new service, Nintendo has published a new Iwata Asks feature, only instead of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata in the hotseat, it's Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime.

This is a bit of a turn up as Fils-Aime had said he probably wouldn't ever do one.

"I answered honestly that in order to do an interview like this, it had to be on a topic where I had deep knowledge and high passion. Certainly this is true for the North American media business," he said.

"For almost 30 years I have participated in the changing media landscape. I spent time in the content side of media with MTV Networks. I am an avid consumer of media, and debater of its direction with colleagues. So holding a Reggie Asks on this topic was a 'no-brainer.' I enjoyed the experience, and look forward to more situation like this one where I can leverage my background to help explain Nintendo's future direction."

Nintendo's push for more intimate communication with its consumers, through Nintendo Direct and internally-produced interview features, seems to be paying off. The feature itself is all about streaming media so go forth and pick through it on your tod, son. I have games to play.

Thanks, GoNintendo.

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