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Huge savings at the Nintendo Switch eShop right now - games from 89p

There's a raft of tempting deals out at the official Nintendo eShop right now - including games under a tenner (yes, this is still Nintendo) and up to 50 per cent off popular titles like Don't Starve. Lets take a look at the best digital Nintendo Switch digital deals at the store currently, minus the lesser known titles.

First up, bip and bosh your way to glory (and delicious Mexican sides) with wrestling meet platforming game Guacamelee! 2, 30 per cent off and down to £12.59.

Hilarious existential horror title Night in the Woods, which I can't recommend enough for fans of both narrative and pathos, is down to only £11.86 on Switch as part of the sale.

In a similar vein (but with no dialogue), dystopian thriller Inside is 30 per cent off and currently £12.59.

Murder hapless patients with maximum blood (and escaped viscera) in Surgeon Simulator, currently 40 per cent off and £5.99 right now.

Night in the Woods

For the pixel-inclined, lush RPG Owlboy is only £11.39 at the eShop.

There's also many, many deals running from 89p on more obscure titles such as point and click GoetiaDragon Pinball and er, Sudoku Relax.

There's a lot of trash in the sub £5 mark, but also the odd gem, like indie darling Bury me, my Love for the princely sum of £3.14.

Be sure to take a look at the Nintendo eShop and stock up on cheap digital titles up until the 23rd of May. In addition, ensure you've got sufficient Nintendo Switch storage space with an SD card or three in our handy guide.

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