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Nintendo president hates price drops for consumers' sakes

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As recent events have seemingly implied, there’s no better way to snag a gaggle of buyers than to slash a few digits off your console’s price tag. However, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata doesn’t need to cheapen his company’s console in order to spur sales, and frankly, he abhors the very thought of it.

“This is my personal thinking, but when the model's price-tag drops over time, manufacturers are telling consumers it's better to wait, and I've always thought that was a mistake,” he told (translated by Kotaku).

Iwata went on to explain that he believes straight-out-the-gate buyers shouldn’t be forced to feel ripped-off by lower prices later in a console’s life cycle.

Releasing dual-camera-ed, dual-screened sleek ‘n’ sexy console reiterations, though? Well, that’s completely different.

By Nathan Grayson

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