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Nintendo plans to maintain momentum "for the duration of Wii U"

Nintendo recently announced its early 2013 slate through three different Nintendo Direct presentations, which proves how dedicated it is to maintaining momentum in Q1, according to the firm's European head of consumer marketing.

Speaking with MCV, James Honeywell reiterated Nintendo's "very strong line-up," for Christmas, and its "plans for Q1," which include both new titles and re-promotions.

“We definitely want to maintain momentum in Q1 – that’s our focus right now," he said, "[and to] maintain the balance [between core and casual] throughout the quarter and onwards, for the duration of Wii U. For us, it’s not just about launch, it’s about building momentum and maintaining that over a long period of time.

“Nintendo always makes sure it launches games throughout the year. We don’t really focus particularly on Christmas. We’ve got a strong line-up all the way through the year. We always have the marketing to support that. We have plans to take sampling all the way through the year."

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