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Nintendo NX may not bring back region-locking - report

Nintendo may finally be doing away with the anachronistic idea of locking console regions with the NX.


The Nintendo NX could be the company's first console in a while not to feature region-locking.

According to a new report from Let’s Play Video Games, the current development kits available to developers are region-free. Further more, these developers have not heard any anything about a region-locking feature being added for launch.

If true, it would be a major change for the Japanese company, which has long stood behind the policy for its home console products. If the NX is - as rumoured - a handheld-home console hybrid, it would go a long way into helping the NX gain a foothold in the worldwide console market.

We're still in the dark about most things NX, however, and Nintendo isn't yet talking about it officially. The company is planning to release the NX in March next year, though, so we may be close to a full reveal soon.

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