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Nintendo NX is a console-portable hybrid, and dev kits are being sent out - report

Nintendo has started handing out Nintendo NX dev kits to third-party developers, according to a new report.

According to sources speaking with the Wall Street Journal, the firm wants a line-up of ine the works in time for the console to be introduced "as early as next year."

The sources also suggested the console is a standard box with at "least one" mobile unit attached which can be used as a portable device. This reiterates previous reports from earlier in the year.

Furthermore, the WSJ sources also stated Nintendo plans to use "industry-leading chips" in the NX, supporting a previous report the console would be powered by an AMD processor.

Analysts expect theNintendo NX to be released as early as July 2016.

Various reports on the console have surfaced since Nintendo announced in March it was working on new hardware. A patent surfaced recently showing what appears to be a console without a disc drive and some industry watchers have hypothesized the console could support Virtual and Alternate Reality products.

When reached for comment, a Nintendo spokeswoman told the WSJ to expect more details on the hardware in 2016.

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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