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Nintendo is redesigning the Miiverse

The Miiverse is getting a major redesign this summer.

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Nintendo has announced that its social service, Miiverse, is getting a redesign in the summer. The company detailed the major new features in a new site update.

Here's what's changing:

- Your screenshot album: Take in-game screenshots and save up to 100 in an album. Screenshot album won't be visible to others.

- Your play journal: Can be opened while playing games, letting your write your experiences. Journal entries include a screenshot to help illustrate it.

The Communities page has also been redesigned, showing three sections:

  • Play journal: In this section, you can see everyone's Play Journals. Try to find people who are at the same part of the game as you, or who are playing the game in interesting ways
  • Drawings: In this section, you can browse all the artwork other users have been creating, in order of popularity. It should be easy to find great artists to follow
  • Discussion: In this section, you can ask questions or start conversations about a game. Posts here are categorised with tags, making it easy to find other people who want to talk

Other changes

  • As the Play Journal feature is a replacement for posting to your activity feed, you won't be able to post to your activity feed after the redesign
  • After the redesign, the limitations on posting quickly in succession will become less strict. You'll be able to post a combined total of 30 posts or comments per day. (In-game posts are not included in this total.)

Finally, see how it all looks.

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