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Nintendo brings back World Championships for E3 2015

Yesterday Nintendo teased us with a tweet about their E3 plans, and now Reggie and co. have finally spilled the beans.

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It's time for a montage! Sunday June 14 will see the return of the Nintendo World Championships at E3, and Nintendo delivered the news with the usual level of awesome they reserve for these kinds of announcements. If a Reggie training montage hasn't got you pumped, there is something very wrong in the depths of your soul.

They also announced a digital event on Tuesday June 16 at 9am PT, and I'm super excited to see that the Treehouse will be returning live from the show floor.

Mario Maker will also be available to play at Best Buy for the entirety of the E3 week.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to watch that montage at least five more times.

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