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Ni no Kuni limited edition to gain more goodies as it's pre-ordered

Namco has announced the US pre-orders the Wizard’s Edition of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch gets, the more goodies the firm will add to it. Talk about an incentive!

Called Ninostarter, Namco will track the number of pre-orders in North America via Club Namco. As more pre-orders come in, additional items will be added to the package at no additional cost.

“As the Wizard’s Edition pre-order numbers rise, additional Wizard’s Edition items will be unlocked when pre-established levels of pre-orders are reached,” Namco said in a statement. "Pre-orders will be accepted on Club Namco until August 31st, at which point the program will end."

Currently, the Wizard’s Edition contains a 300-page hardcover book called the Wizard’s Companion, a Drippy plush doll and the Golden Mite and Golden Drongo familiars DLC.

It will run you $99.99 exclusively through Club Namco.

Ni no Kuni releases in the US on January 22. We'll send a mail and ask if the same incentive is coming to Europe.

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