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New Splinter Cell Game May Have Just Been Casually Announced on Twitter [Update: "Julian Was Obviously Joking"]

Well that's one way to announce a major game.

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Update: Ubisoft has issued the following statement regarding Julian Gerighty's Tweet. "Julian was obviously joking as Julian likes to do. It looks like our creative directors are having fun right now. We do not have any announcements to make at this time."

I don't personally know Julian, so I'm not aware of his joking nature. But it's one hell of a joke to drop on Twitter in the middle of the work day.

Original Story: Video game companies tend to make big reveals with orchestrated ad campaign or some kind of trailer, but in the case of the new Splinter Cell a tweet from Ubisoft's Creative Director works just as well.

Julian Gerighty, creative director at Ubisoft, dropped a bomb on Twitter today when he causally announced that he was "Working on the next #SplinterCell" with Ubisoft Montreal executive producer Dan Hay and Ubisoft Monteral creative director Roman Campos Oriola.

Julian Gerighty's casual Splinter Cell Tweet. Y'know, like, whatevs. | Twitter

This led to immediate confusion as company leaders tend to not just announce long-awaited games with a casual tweet and pictures of developers drinking wine. But that's exactly what Gerighty did today, and it seems to be intentional.

Right. | Twitter

Gerighty followed up his Splinter Cell tweet with another one writing, "Ok – plz don't retweet. I may be in trouble." He also changed his Twitter profile image to a picture of Sam Fisher.

It's unclear if he's in trouble for revealing a new Splinter Cell, or making a joke Tweet that caused rampant speculation of a new Splinter Cell. Or, it could all just be one low key reveal for a series that hasn't had a new game since 2013's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

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There have been rumors of a new Splinter Cell game for quite some time, but the last we saw of Sam Fisher was during a promotional crossover event with Tom Clancy's Wildlands. We've reached out to Ubisoft to comment on Gerighty's tweets.

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