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New Need for Speed in the works for 2017

Ghost Games is working on a new Need for Speed title which it plans to release next year.


New Need for Speed in the works for 2017

Those playing the current offering released in 2015 can expect Speedlists, a series of multiplayer playlists, to be the last free content update for the racing title.

A new Community Event kicks off this weekend offering an extra $1,000 in-game credits from all Drag Events.

Since its release on November 5, players have collected over 9.8 billion REP points, taken part in over 10 million Drag Races, and beaten a 53 million of Eddie’s Challenge Events and close to $2.5 trillion in-game cash has been earned.

You can see more community stats posted in the infographic below.

The most recent, large update to the game was released in March along with new hotrods. During the month, a PC version was also released supporting 4K resolution, an unlocked framrate, and various wheel peripherals.


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