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New Left 4 Dead DLC called "The Sacrifice," works with L4D 1 and 2


The plot, it thickens. You played as them; you laughed with them; you screamed with them; you listened to one of them complain a bunch. And now, you get to choose which one of them dies. Like, for real. Sorry, no magical resurrection lockers this time around.

We're speaking, of course, of the original Left 4 Dead cast, and smart money says this next batch of DLC is their last hurrah - at least, as a foursome.

Announced during the most recent episode of Gametrailers TV, "The Sacrifice" - as it's known - puts you in the shoes of L4D1's squad of battle-hardened Z-Day veterans during the events of L4D2's "The Passing" DLC.

If you were curious about how and why the original survivors found themselves tailing L4D2's group, The Sacrifice should sate your lust for juicy post-apocalyptic gossip.

The DLC will also allow you to choose who becomes zombie chow at its conclusion,  instead of being pre-scripted like The Passing was. Better still, it'll be available to owners of both L4D1 and L4D2, though L4D2 owners will get to use more weapons and fend off a wider variety of zombies.

And - just because Valve can - the update will bring the fan-favorite L4D1 "No Mercy" campaign over to L4D2, where you'll be able to run through it with all your shiny new L4D2 gear.

But what would a Valve update be without some pre-release fun? Next month, Valve will roll out a full 150-page Left 4 Dead digital comic, which will be packed with background info and - of course - plenty of undead dead-making.

The DLC will, as per usual, be free on PC and Mac, while the Xbox 360 version will carry some sort of price tag.

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